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"Our children have taken classes with Jessica for a couple of years.  They really enjoy their classes and I am surprised at how much they have learned. I often listen in the background and find Jessica to be patient, fun and great at trying to engage the children and boost their confidence by telling them what they’ve done well.  I would highly recommend Jessica’s classes for someone wanting to learn Spanish! If I had the time, I would take her class for myself. 

Our children both also find Victor to be a lot of fun and they look forward to their extra classes with him!  He is funny and kind and helps them solidify things they have learned with Jessica. We often hear them laughing on the classes with him and they talk about how much they like Victor!

Thanks for all of your classes!"
Jessica L.

"We just love Miss Jessica’s Spanish classes. I have seen tremendous growth in my son’s skills in the two semesters he has taken with her. I really like how she uses immersion in her classes along with cross-curricular learning, such as doing math problems in Spanish. I cannot wait for my son to take the next semester with Miss Jessica and continue his Spanish classes with her for as many years as possible."-Andrea W.

"My kids have been with Jessica for a year and a half now and we couldn't have asked for a better teacher. She has created such a great class for them. We look forward to continue their journey in Spanish and ASL!"-Alicia. 

"The teacher was great! My kids loved it. They’ve taken a few online classes but my 9yo dubbed this the “best class ever!”-Amber L

"Muy buena maestra!  Mis ninos tienen 7 meses estudiando con Jessica.  Estamos muy contentos  y los ninos han aprendido bastante.

Paciente, cariñosa, responsable, dedicada a lo que have." Nancy V.

"Ms. Jessica is absolutely delightful! She’s engaging, patient, and kind. My son absolutely adores her and her classes. He has learned so much from her. This class has provided him with scripts which he uses regularly now. He also no longer argues with me when I remind him to clear his place and he asks “may I please be excused?” When he’s finished instead of just saying, “I’m done” He also thanks me for cooking meals for him. I’m so happy about this class! " -Ande J.

"My daughter loves this class! It truly was fun and great learning experience for her. She would be so excited when she knew it was class day with Ms Jessica. She's a great teacher. She kept it short but yet enough information for her to learn something and very fun and interesting. Best class kids can take! Learn manners and have fun doing so. She also loves the end song and would play her toy guitar for it."-Moni M.

"Wonderful teacher! Native speaker of Spanish and she was so great with the kids!"-Renee K.

"Fantastic teacher! She truly cares that her students learn and smile while they do it! We cannot wait to join another one of her classes!"-Meghan J. 

"My boys always come out of Jessica’s class beaming! They are steadily learning and improving their skills. Thank you Jessica."-Amy M.

"This is an amazing teacher/instructor! Ms. Jessica is so funny, knowledgeable, and super polite in a very positive way! She is wonderful at explaining WHY social manners are important in our society. My 9-year old has a bit of a dry sense of humor and questions everything, but the teacher really stayed on top of things and made the class an extremely positive experience for my young girl, who originally thought I enrolled her in the class because she had etiquette issues, lol! My daughter later told me how much she actually loved the class after all! As a parent, I will definitely add that Ms. Jessica has some some great teaching resources and really knows her stuff! "-Elsie M.

"My son loves this class and is looking forward to continuing. I like that he’s learning Spanish in a fun atmosphere that doesn’t seem like schoolwork."-Suzanne.

"Jessica is so flexible and nimble, bringing kids back in to participate and incorporating what comes up into learning. We like singing along, and I appreciate the ASL interface for language learning. "-Samantha.

"Jessica is a fun and interactive teacher who effectively uses music, illustration and conversation to encourage her students to learn Spanish. She's very accommodating and truly cares about her students."-Dawne L.

"She is a really sweet teacher. My son loves learning from her class. We are now able to use spanish to have conversations, and build friendships with spanish speaking people. Thank you so much Jessica. "-Tammy D.

"Jessica is a great teacher, very energetic and attentive. My son had learned very little Spanish before this class and is much more confident now. He feels more motivated to keep practicing and challenging himself to learn! We have taken other classes with Jessica and always enjoy her teaching style."-Astrid T.

"Jessica was very encouraging, positive and upbeat! My son looked forward to each class and it helped reiterate things we've been trying to teach him at home. He seemed to take the teaching and feedback much better from Jessica, than from me, his mom! There was optional homework that also helped ingrain the lessons. We look forward to taking the next series of etiquette classes! "- Casie T.

"Estoy muy agradecida con Jessica, estas classes en verdad han sido un gran apoyo.  Ella es una excelente maestra, tiene experiencia y mucha dedicacion. Se nota en cada clase que todos los estudiantes disfrutan aprendiendo con ella."-Elizabeth A.

"My son really loved the class and was sad that it ended. Jessica is such a great teacher, fun, warm, and engaging. Highly recommend!"-Annie L.

"Brilliant, kind, encouraging teacher putting a lot of effort into her class. Really ignited the interest in Spanish for our daughter"-Kristen D.

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